A mod for and by passionate Diablo 2 fans.
We aim to maintain the Lord of Destruction experience and provide consistent ladder resets while improving on the game as if development never ceased

WebsiTe Launch
- 06/23/2020

www.ProjectDiablo2.com is now live! If you wish to follow the progress of the mod, make sure you check out our Saturday Developer Streams at 10am PST on twitch.tv/SenpaiSomething and follow the subreddit for occasional teasers.

If you would like to support the server costs, feel free to check out our PayPal or Patreon pages and continue the hype by telling your friends about us!

Server Resets every four months paired with new balance and content updates keep the economy and gameplay fresh while still maintaining that nostalgic Lord of Destruction feel

Meteor and Twister have been improved for AoE farming and are now competitive builds

Constant new updates breathe life in to skills or items that were weak in the past

Over time we are attempting to take every weak or unuseable skill and allow you to make fully functioning builds around them opening up all kinds of options that didn't exist previously

Power Strike now releases a nova on impact dealing secondary lightning damage around the main target and Golem Mastery allows you to play a Golem based Necromancer

We've added several skills to the game including Ice Barrage for the sorceress and new support skills such as Holy Nova which heals allies and damages enemies

Items have been rebalanced without taking away from their original Lord of Destruction identity. We've added more variables and pushed them into more niche categories to prevent one item from dominating a slot like shako did previously for example

Items have been pushed in a direction where everything is useful for something but not for everything, creating more diversity amongst builds

The leveling experience has been improved by rebalancing all the leveling sets and uniques allowing you to pick up and use more things you find on your adventure

We've added many forms of end game content while still keeping all of the LoD content relevant this includes new challenging Ubers, an end game Mapping system inspired by Path of Exile and new group oriented Dungeons

The New Mapping System opens up new zones to farm alone or with friends and the challenging new ubers will result in many heroes falling so be prepared to die

Dungeons are end game high risk group content that require Tanks or Summoners, Support or Crowd Control Classes and Damage Dealers working in tandem to clear safely

With ladders reseting every four months we want everyone involved and our global game server system allows you to play and trade with anyone from across the globe

Use the filter function to search for games through their titles or let your game auto fill in the next number and password when you go to create another

Be remembered in the Hall of Heroes as one of the first three players of your class to take down Diablo Clone solo or reach 99 in that season

Many forms of quality of life have been added including loot filters, drops displaying on the mini map, quick transfer keybinds, a new charm inventory and much more

Loot Filters allow you to see your drops on the mini map or in chat. You can also open the advanced character stat screen for more information or inspect your allies

New Keybinds allow you to move items around between your inventory and cube as well as an increased stash size that lets you spend less time managing your inventory

More build diversity, more endgame, more useful items, harder challenges, community, PvP and all kinds of updates will be coming to Project Diablo 2 so stay tuned

Use new materials such as the Worldstone Shard to corrupt items with new effects adding even more end game options, but with a risk of destroying them in the process

We plan on supporting pvp in the future and will have many upcoming updates for those who crave blood and ears